Our Sharing Space
It's the little daily actions that play a major role in our spiritual development, not just the once a month or
seasonal activities.  To help infuse our daily lives with our spiritual work, we have chosen to take this
space to share affirmations (repeat as needed to change negative programming), mantras (do at least
1 mala or repeat 108 times daily to seat desired new energy) and quotes that could serve as meditation
topics for us.

Current Affirmation:  “The Holy Light dwells within me.”

Current Mantra:  “Om” (Ohm)

Current Quote:  “Thus man is truly the child of Father-Mother God.  Mother Earth provided him his
material form, and Father God gives a Spark of Himself to become his spirit.”  Astara Lesson Material,
Third Degree, Lesson 5.
About Our Resources
Since many of our items are new to customers, we have elected to focus some of our energy on providing
background information sheets.  These will serve as a starting point for research and interest.  While we
have the sheets in the store, we have to charge for them there to cover the cost of printing.  Please feel
free to download these for personal use or to share with friends.  We have the items referred to on these
sheets for sale at Pathways in many beautiful forms and price points.  If you’re interested please contact
us for more details and watch for updated links to our upcoming on-line store. We've also included some
informative articles Deborah has written as well as some information on Circle of Light Independent
Spiritualist Church, of which Deborah is the founding ordained minister.
To download the PDF files
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Crystals & Stones
Indigenous peoples throughout the world have used stones and crystals to heal themselves and their
animals, to strengthen their spiritual ability & to enter into hidden realms. Wearing crystals & stones can
help to bring you mental clarity, emotional stability & physical balance. Giving crystals & stones as gifts to
others who are not aware of their properties can still be beneficial for them.  Even if someone is unable to
sense crystal energy they are still affected by the energies & the subconscious mind responds.  
Throughout history gems have been associated with royalty.  Perhaps the use of stones in crowns,
jewelry, thrones & other treasures were meant to bring the virtues of those stones to the rulers wearing

Remember that stones and crystals can be:
an ornament or decoration for yourself, someone else, an area
a source of inspiration of the beauty & perfection possible in nature
a tool for healing on many levels
a powerful assistant in inner work
a teacher on many levels

Please avoid direct sunlight on ones that will naturally fade: amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, kunzite, fluorite
& chrysoprase.
Herbs & Botanicals
Our herbs and botanicals are all either gathered from the wild or organically grown.  None have been
treated with radiation or chemical sprays.  They are of the highest and freshest quality that we could
locate.  All plants are definitely not the same.  We have chosen to do business with international suppliers
who obtain the herbs where they grow optimally.  Rich in color, scent and texture there is a noticeable
superior quality to these products.  Herbs and botanicals have many uses both esoterically and
medicinally.  The herbs listed here fall under BOTH categories.  
Sometimes esoteric uses suggest burning herbal/botanical combinations.  Individuals may be allergic to the
smoke from some herbs.  Always use common sense and, if you choose to burn herbs, burn only small
amounts in open spaces.  Of course, discontinue use if any symptoms develop and seek medical
assistance taking name and sample of herbs with you.  
If you choose to use herbs and botanicals medicinally adequate research and study is YOUR individual
responsibility.  Everyone’s body chemistry and sensitivity is different, pay attention to your body.  Follow
guidelines for usage frequency and amount given in herbal reference material.  Some herbs can react
adversely with medications.  If you are on medications check with your health care practitioner before taking
herbs.  Please consult trained professionals before using or administering any botanicals that are
unfamiliar or new to you.  We sell the highest quality herbs we can locate.  They are perhaps more potent
than your previous experiences with botanicals purchased elsewhere.  Be cautious in usage. Please
consult reference material and trained professionals before beginning ANY course of administration or
usage.  We assume no responsibility for improper usage.
You're sure of what you're
buying with us. Latin
name, country of origin
and basic warnings are all
available on Pathways
detailed complete herb list
and in the store.  
If you're new to our shop,
you're more than welcome
to check out the quality of
our herbs for yourself.  Just
ask for a free sample of
peppermint leaf with your
next purchase.  The
potency, scent and color
will show you the superior
grade of herbs that we
carry.  All herbs are not
created equal.
Herbal Extracts
Herbal extracts are a convenient to use, excellent alternative to herbal teas or capsules.  Herbal extracts
are the medicinal properties of herbs extracted into fluids.   These offer the advantage of being more
readily available to the body, since they represent the soluble or dissolved portion of the herb.  These the
characteristics of the whole herb – the aroma, color, taste and effect.  These herbal extracts are made by
a cold process method that extracts the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals, and active constituents of
the herb.  This extensive line of extracts features Fresh, Wildcrafted (WC), and Certified Organic (CO)
varieties.  Certified organic grain alcohol is used, resulting in a 100% Certified Organic product.  Certified
Organic grain alcohol used with water effectively extracts each herb’s chemical components and
preserves them from spoiling.  Herb strength (concentration ratio) represents the amount of herb in each
extract.  The concentration ratio is usually expressed as a weight to volume relationship.  So, for example,
herb strength of 1 to 2 contains 1 part herb for each 2 parts solvent.  A 1 to 1 extract contains equal
parts.  Extracts are available in a 1 ounce (30 ml) amber bottle with a fitted neck dropper insert and a
tamper-evident, child-proof lid.  The 4 ounce bottle is amber with a screw on top.  Larger sizes are
available upon request.

NOTICE:  The use of ANY botanical extract requires adequate information.  Adequate research and study
is YOUR individual responsibility.  Everyone’s body chemistry and sensitivity is different, pay attention to
your body.  Follow guidelines for usage frequency and amount given in herbal reference material.  Some
herbal extracts can react adversely with medications.  If you are on medications check with your health
care practitioner before taking herbal extracts.  Please consult trained professionals before using or
administering any herbal extracts that are unfamiliar or new to you.  We sell the highest quality extracts we
can locate.  They are perhaps more potent than your previous experiences with similar products
purchased elsewhere.  Be cautious in usage.  Please consult reference material and trained professionals
before beginning ANY course of administration or usage.  We assume no responsibility for improper
An excellent way to
conveniently take herbs
along with you, to work, on
vacation, camping, or
business trips.  Any time
you want, your extracts are
ready and available.
Bach Flower Essences
These 38 flower essences were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s.  Their focus is on balancing
and healing the emotional personality self of the individual.  They aid in establishing an equilibrium and
harmony and can be used by the entire family, including children, pets and plants.  Bottled in  20 ml amber
bottles with droppers in caps.
"Rescue Remedy"  is a combination of 5 of the Essences to help you ease through stress or emergency
situations. Also good for emotional shock.  Assists in stabilizing the emotions for clarity and relief.
self-image and the
emotional body.
Magickal Oils
concentrated and many are highly irritating to the skin. Also, in general, these oils are not for internal use.  
While we have many special purpose oils, we have received repeated requests to have a handout on the
Any that are safe for food use are listed as such on other areas of our site and are prepared in specific
magickal purposes of various essential oils.  Please remember, if you use pure essential oils, they are very
ways to make that possible.  We have several listings and catagories of oils from reputable companies who
meet our high standards for quality products. Please check out other oil listings on our site for names and
detailed information to meet your specific needs.
Colors & Candles
Colors play an important role in our lives.  Specific colors lend very definite and distinctive vibrations to our
meditative and creative work.  A great amount of power can be added to your personal work by burning the
correct colors of candles, wearing specific colors of clothing and writing your affirmations, prayers or sigils
in the appropriate colored inks.  The colors help to link your individual energy in with the various forces at
work in the Universe and make a pathway for your power to be directed towards a desired conclusion.

Candles come in many shapes and colors.  Many have been created for special purposes.  We have many
excellent candle lines, some have been made using carefully chosen combinations of oils and herbs, while
others are ready for you to anoint them with oils appropriate to your special desires.  We invite you to use
our handout as a starting point.  
Amulets & Talismans
Amulets and Talismans are very powerful tools for achieving change in your life.  Talismans work by
generating a positive force thereby drawing the desired result to you through the Law of Attraction.  
Amulets, on the other hand, provide protection by deflecting negative energies thus creating a protective
of pendants from a variety of traditions,   
Smudging is the moving of smoke from various sacred herbs through a space, your personal energy field
(or that of another being) or around objects such as crystals, stones or sacred tools.  It comes to us from
Native American traditions, but many peoples and many cultures have echoed the principle.
Smudging clears negative energy and purifies the physical and finer environments.  Everything and
everyone has an energetic (auric) field around it/them.  These fields can become contaminated with
negative vibrations and thoughtforms.  These negative energetics, if not removed, can cause
disharmony, imbalance, depression and illness.  Sometimes these negative energies are left in our
environment from contact with others who are creating or harboring them.  Sometimes they form
tenacious connecting cords draining energy and vitality.  Smudging can eliminate these imbalances and
restore harmony.  This information sheet explains how to smudge a person, place or item and explains
the various herbs used for smudging.  We carry a wide variety of smudge and accessories for smudging.  
Watch for our upcoming on-line store.
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Feng Shui - The Art of Placement and Activation of Clear Energy Patterning - need no longer be a
metaphysics, Deborah has created a new handout on Feng Shui Tools.  These easy to use, economically
priced tools can assist you in creating the harmony, prosperity, love, peace and happiness that you
desire to invite into your space.  WARNING! Be a comparative shopper.  Deborah has seen the same
products we now sell for Feng Shui at more than 4 times our price on-line.  As with all other areas of
mystery.  In our striving to provide easy-to-access information on the multiple facets of holistic living and
goods sold at Pathways, we constantly search out quality products at reasonable prices, and pass those
savings on to you.  
Download "Feng Shui Tools" Handout
Download Magickal Oils Handout
Download Color & Candles Handout
Download "How to Smudge" Handout
Download Herb Safety Guideline Handout
Download "Stones & Their Uses" Handout
Due to the great interest in Ancient Egypt, and their Gods & Goddesses, Deborah has created a
handout dedicated to them.  Brief descriptions of the appearance, function and relationships of 40
ancient deities have been assembled for your easy access.  Deborah is also in the planning stages
for a new series next year entitled "Ascension with the Egyptian Gods & Goddesses"  Her first
Ascension series will be a prerequisite for that series.
Download Tailsman Charging Document
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