We have had so many remarkable guests and so many memorable moments that we wanted to
create a way to share them with you, so here it is - Our Photo Gallery!
First we have store pictures, a mini tour for those of you who haven't yet visited us in person,
followed by pictures of interest, guest authors and pictures of special events.
Click on the thumbnail pictures to enlarge them.
In Spring 2006 a mother rabbit made our shade
garden, on the West side of our building, a home for
her family of baby bunnies. She raised her family
less than 2 feet from our busy parking lot.  Both mom
and the babies were curious about the crystal energy
work we did on the back patio one evening, watching
us intently from the edge of the garden.
A Spring Storm is followed by
a beautiful rainbow over
We've had some
questions about Deb's
Blog on balancing a raw
egg on end at the time of
the Equinox.  Here it is on
one of our glass shelves.  
Customers were in and
balanced some too!
Our Classroom: a private space for classes and meditations.
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Here's the pictures of the Spirit Lights, or Orbs,
around our Center taken December 2005.
PATHWAYS - The Mini Tour:
(more pictures on the way! We keep adding new items
and lines as well as new ways to display them.)
Main Jewelry Section featuring 100's of sterling
silver gemstone pendants, rings and earrings
Incense and Candle Sections are on the
islands with Children's Section and Note
Posters and another view of our Main Jewelry
Section in the foreground with Health Display
and Organic Bulk Herb seen on the far wall.
GUESTS who have graced our space:
Thomas Ashley-Farrand, Most Revered Mantra Instructor visited us
ievery year for 10 years, doing a  Puja and Weekend Workshop.  He
made his transition in autumn of 2010.  His beloved wife will
continue his teaching tradition and visited us with a wonderful
workshop in 2011; we look forward to more visits from her..
Lon DuQuette, popular Magickal author, visited us for a weekend
workshop in July 2006.
Thomas Ashley-Farrand, Revered
Mantra Instructor, and  author of
numerous books, CD's and DVD's,
has visited us several times over the
past 10 years for weekend
workshops and pujas.
visited us from Astara and presented a
weekend and a week long workshop at
Pathways in 2005.  This was the first
workshop Astara had ever presented in a
private center besides their own in California.
Dennis Bussell, our Native American
Teacher and friend, receiving a sacred gift
from our dear departed friend Steven
Dohrmann in 2005 during Dennis' visit here
Spirit in spring of 2009 in an automobile
crash.  We wish him well on his journey.
Ellen Dugan,  popular Llewellyn author
and local resident,
visited us for book signings.
Mickie Mueller, the gifted artist of the
"Well-Worn Path" divination deck authored by
Raven Grimassi, has visited us for some
inspiring and insightful talks about the deck
and her artwork.
Richard Webster, very prolific
Llewellyn author, has visited us on
his last two visits to the States from
New Zealand.
Corrine Kenner, author of "Tall Dark
Recipe Cards" visited us from her
and prolific author,  visited us after
a seven year absence.  What a joy
to have Dorothy back in Pathways
"Lyon" Martin, local author, visited us
for a book signing of her Children's
Book "An Ordinary Girl, a Magical
Child" in December 2005 and June
The Tree of Life Altar
Those of you who have been in Pathways since the New Year have noticed
the beautiful mosaic Tree of Life Altar.  It was gifted to Circle of Light one of
Pathways.  It has become an essential part of Sunday evening church
services and is a constant reminder of the balance and glory in the
Universe.   It is a gift that will be a center focus for Circle of Light for years
and years to come.  
Deborah took some beautiful pictures autumn 2005 when
she went to Tibet and China with Astara.  Here are a few of
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A Resource Center Honoring All Traditions
has visited us in the every November for the
past 4 years.
He taught an evening workshop and
held a booksigning, followed by a
weekend workshop.
We look forward to his annual visits.  Check
our news page for current information.  Join
our monthly e-newsletter to get the latest
facts on special visitors to Pathways.
Pictures of Interest:
Orbs are fascinating!
catching pictures of them with incredible
clarity. Below is a picture of Rev. Steve
Doolittle with Rev. Deborah Bourbon at
Stonehenge, England taken autumn 2006
by Dana.  To the right are pictures of orbs
over Pathways on a winter night.
Pathways, through the Seasons.
We've added another glass
statue display.  Now we
have three large cases
devoted to statuary!
For the convenience of our customers, we've added a
"New Arrivals" section for CD's.  We've had one for books
for several years now and it's been so well received that
we thought we'd expand on the concept.  We also have a
display case of new gift items in the shop, grouping
samples of them together to help you keep abreast with
our rapidly changing inventory.
Deborah Loves Her Garden!
(And the Devas apparently love her!)  Here are a few
pictures of Deborah outside with her elephant ears and
the banana grove growing out in front of Pathways. If you
came by early in the day this past summer, you’ve
probably seen her out there: trimming, watering and
enjoying the various lush garden areas she’s created
around Pathways. She says “there’s more to come”, and
is planning next year’s garden now.  
purchased a new sales counter and 3 large glass
the Statue area and the Tumbled Stones behind the
sales counter.  Come by and check out the new look!  
Melina is sooo happy!
Mantras & Stories of Ganesha, Part 2”.  This was
Namadeva Acharya (Thomas Ashley-Farrand)
before his transition.