We continually get so many new and wonderful items in at Pathways that, we admit, it could be
overwhelming just to keep up with them.  So, to make your shopping (or your visit to Pathways) easier,
we've devoted this page to making you aware of new arrivals and current specials.
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A Resource Center Honoring All Traditions
Wide Array of Semi-Precious Jewelry in Sterling Silver
We have cases and cases of jewelry in all price ranges, all hand selected by Deborah and Melina.  
Pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings abound for your selection.  Great gifts to give
(visualize the intended recipient and see what you’re drawn to) or for yourself (just hold your intention
in mind and see what “calls out” to you).  Look up the energetic qualities in our reference books, just to
demonstrate to yourself how intuitive you truly are.  To make your selections more memorable, we have
card inserts that list the metaphysical qualities of each of the pieces you’ve chosen. What a perfect way
to say, “I’ve picked this especially for you”!
The Sound of Thoughtfulness
Chimes, the great gift of calming sounds, are back in stock.  
From light tingly to deep resonant tones, chimes make the
perfect gift.  They truly are “a gift that keeps on giving”!  
outside, their clear tones bring beauty and peace into our lives,
and remind us of the one who remembered us with this lovely
Chimes, the great gift of calming sounds, are back in stock.  
gift.  We’ve got a great variety of styles, tuned to various note
patterns from around the world, including hanging gongs.  From
light tingly to deep resonant tones, chimes make the Prices
range from $6 to $82.99. Come by to feel how chimes can lift
your mood andlighten your heart today.can lift your mood
andlighten your heart today.
Statues to Honor Sacred Traditions
Around the World
From Ancient Egyptian to Norse, from Classical Greek
and Roman to Buddhist and Hindu, we’ve collected an
expansive range of beloved statues from across the
globe throughout time.  Cases and cases of statues
are located throughout the store, each section
honoring a faith that has inspired the noblest qualities
of humanity throughout the ages.  Come in and take a
tour of a world of beliefs, pick ones that speak to you
on this current aspect of your spiritual journey or that
will inspire those you love. In a variety of price ranges
and materials, prepare to be awed by the messages
they inspire. These pictures are just a sample of our
large selection.
A new selection of malas, with counter beads, mini brass Hindu deity statues and pendants (these are
perfect to affix to your mala), have all arrived from Nepal..
Back in stock.  Beautifully
Revive or create a tradition in
your home.  Dream Catchers
add their beauty and magical
meaning to any environment.  
Found displayed over our
Native American display case.
So many of you have expressed an interest in the 2 Protective Eye of Horus
we’ve asked Isis Glassworks to make them available for purchase.  They
just for you!  This beautiful piece is individually hand-made by a local St.
Louis glass artist, and, at the current time, is only $65.  

New Arrivals  – Stones
Amber,Lithium Quartz Crystals,
Ruby Crystals tumbled polished
Super 7, (very rare combination of
Quartz, Amethyst, Cacoxenite,
Lepidocrosite, Smoky Quartz, Rutile &
Geothite), Auralite 23

Incredible LOWER prices on
New retail prices better than
our old wholesale prices!!
Includes various stone pendulums,
some with chakra stones!!
Located in the DIVINATION section

Smudge bundles in variety of
combinations + white sage
More amber! in rings, necklaces, pendants, matching earrings
Pendants in: Super 7,  Lemurian seed crystals, Herkimer diamonds,
Vogel crystals, Opal, Black tourmaline, Moldavite, Ocean jasper, Tiger’
s eye, Botswana agate, Fluorite, Carnelian, Rose quartz,
Lepidocrosite, Kunzite,
Diachroic glass – heated to over 3000 degrees, all signed by artist

Moldavite, Coral, Citrine points, Carnelian, Serpentine, Rainbow
crystals, Super 7, Polished end star ruby crystals, Fluorite,
Bloodstone Spheres, Chrysocolla cabs
Obsidian Golden Sheen Spheres

Pink Selenite Rhomboid Votive
White Selinite "Cathedral" Votive

Hand Polished Blue & Green Kyanite
(together in one stone!!)
in spheres, soaps, hearts and

Clear Quartz in: Vogel Type Cut,
Pyramids, Spheres, Massage Wands,
Polished Points (some with Inner
child, rainbows, phantoms, green
chloride, tourmaline, gold rutile)
Various sized natural points

Smoky Quartz in Spheres and
polished points

Star Sheen Rose Quartz Hearts
Rose Quartz polished standing

Amethyst Polished Standing Points,
some with Phantoms
natural points, massage wands,
natural high grade Amethyst rough
Celestite Crystal Egg Geode

Deep Blue Lapis Lazuli from
in standing crystal shapes, soaps,
hearts, massage wands, comfort
spheres, pyramids and tumbled

Septarian Nodules in hearts & tumbled

Fist sized "therapy stones" in Unakite,
Tiger Iron, Lepidolite, Lapis Lazuli,
Snowflake Obsidian

Raw Pink Tourmaline Crystals
Selenite Massage Wands
Super 4 Natural Pieces
Polychrome Jasper Spheres
Septarian Nodule, tumbled
Fluorite in slabs, cleaved octahedrons

Large grind Himalayan Salt
smoky & clear quartz,
quartz points;

paired Kansas pop rocks
(these are available in small, medium,
large & extra large sizes,
also known as energy stones, paired male
& female)

double-terminated crystals in black
tourmaline & clear quartz
(both also in bracelets, WOW What
Power Pieces!)

Platonic Solid sets in clear quartz ,
rose, amethyst;
(in presentation boxes)
(great to lay on back chakras, root to
One of our favorite statue companies has just gotten their
Egyptian statues back in stock.  Some of these we haven’t
seen since 2009!
 Many of these are replicas from the Cairo
Museum.  Great work with some that are rarely, if ever, offered by
other companies.  They’re the only one’s making a standing
Thoth (with human body), a Bastet (standing with a human body
and kittens at Her feet), a standing Sobek (with human body), a
standing Isis with wings down at her side, a Ra-Harakti (with
human body), an Amen-Ra and so many more!  We’ve already
reordered twice (one customer bought 11 to take advantage of
their temporary availability).  If you don’t see what you want, let us
know and we’ll add it to our next order.  
Now’s the time!
Availability is limited.
Rune Stone sets in  
Amethyst, Aventurine, Bloodstone,
Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Hematite,
Rose Quartz, Sodalite, Gold Tiger
Eye, Mixed Stones

New Medium sized tumbled stones
Blue Apatite, Iolite, Kambaba
Jasper, Jade, Onyx, Orange
Calcite, Carnelian, Ametrine,
Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Smoky
Quartz, Gemmy Rose Quartz, Rose
Quartz, Hematite, Ocean Jasper,
Larimar (That’s right: Larimar, only
small quantities available)
Apophylite natural pyramids
Raw Moldavite
Message (Affection) stones,
“Puffy” hearts,
Comfort (aka “Worry”) stones
We've located yet another source for statues!
These are not replicas of museum pieces, like most of our statues.  
These are active representations of ancient Gods.
Vibrant & alive with energy, these depict the Deities in the
actions of the Ancient Tales.
These have just arrived, and we're reordering this week.
Look for more statues from these creative artists very soon!
Horus, Anubis & Set
We have made a new handout to accompany the
Egyptian statues & jewelry, Free with a purchase from
our Egyptian Display Case, also downloadable from
"Resources" Page
We have many new jewelry items including New John of God clam shell pieces. Other of the wonderful
clam shell necklaces.  Other unusual  stone pendants such as Apache Gold, Tiffany Stone Mystic Topaz,
Alexandrite, Tanzanite  and more.
New Stones have arrived, with more on the way!