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Pathways  11419 Concord Village Ave
St. Louis, Missouri 63123
Store hours: 10:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Monday - Saturday,
11 a.m. – 7 p.m. Sundays
Recently under new ownership, Pathways- a brick and mortar store- is a complete Magickal, Metaphysical,
New Age, resource center.  With our knowledgeable, friendly staff we offer a full array of highest quality
products including: crystals, jewelry, books, herbs, incenses, oils, statuary and more. In addition to our
products, we also offer classes, workshops, discussion groups and meditations to further your own spiritual
growth. On the last Sunday of the month we have a psychic fair.

Welcome to our site and check back with us as we add an on-line store!  Blessings!
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A Resource Center Honoring All Traditions
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From our founder, Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.  (1949-2013):

We are dedicated to the consciousness growth of our customers.  We will offer personalized attentive service
by friendly, knowledgeable staff - who share the value of our commitment.

“We will offer assistance -but strive to always remember that a person’s path is his or her own personal
choice.  We will respect the path they have chosen and their right to make that choice.  We will strive to
provide information to our customers to enable them to make informed choices about many products that are
new to their lives, but we will refrain from presenting our own personal choices as the "only" way.

For we realize that the pathways to the Godhead are infinite.”

Autumn 1991

From our current owners, Melina Valdejo & Ken Needham:

“We consider ourselves fortunate to be part of the very important “Great Work” of personal, spiritual
development during these times. Our plan is to continue Pathways’ purpose, nourish its growth and bring
about more resources to assist with that growth. As we all help each other, we all grow and thrive.”

October 2013
Celebrating our 30th Year in Buisness
Thank You for your continued support!
Please call if the weather is bad.
We could close early or open
later than normal.