Here are our current monthly calendars of In-Store Events and Classes.  The downloadable calendars are
the same ones that we hand out in the store.  They're great for keeping track of all the activities that
happen at Pathways throughout the month.  The paragraphs below give more detailed information on the
current offerings.  
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Download February 2017 Calendar of In-Store Events & Classes
February Calendar

Download January 2017 Calendar of In-Store Events & Classes
January Calendar

Download December 2016 Calendar of In-Store Events & Classes
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Download November 2016 Calendar of In-Store Events & Classes
November Calendar
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Download "Tips for a Good Reading & Red Flags" Handout

Bill, our Astrologer, will be doing private 30 minute Astro-Dice Readings or Tarot ($35) on selected Thursday evenings & on
Sunday, January 15 from 2-5 pm.

Dana is available for private 30 minute $35 tarot readings on Monday evenings, 5:30 – 8:00 p.m.

William will be here doing private 30 minute, $40 1/2 hr & $75 hour readings by appointment. William does tarot and
clairvoyance Please call to make advance appointment & for availability.

Karen H, our Certified Reiki Master Teacher is available for private appointments by advanced scheduling. Please contact
Pathways for current availability. $75 for 1½ hours.

Karen W. is available for private energy sessions.  She is certified in Reiki, Dragon Reiki and Gemstone & Crystal Work.  Her
appointments are $65/ hour. Please contact Pathways to schedule a time with her.
Readers/Service Providers for January 2017
Classes & Events for January 2017 At Pathways

Sundays in September: Circle of Light Independent Spiritualist Church- NEW LOCATION & NEW TIME!!!!
Circle of Light has moved to their new location!
Please join them on Sunday evenings at 5:45 for meditations, messages and fellowship.
Located at Garden of Life Spiritual Center
9525 Eddie & Park Rd
Crestwood, Mo 63126
Follow them online at:

A weekly gathering held from 5:45 – 8:30 p.m., on Sunday evenings, we share a service of prayer, song, messages from spirit with our
mediums, and meditation. Occasionally, to meet the needs of families with younger ones who do not yet meditate, we schedule a
service with an event or activity so that they can share a complete service with us as well. Quiet healing time is from 5:45 – 7 p.m. with
the offering of energetic healing as time allows. Doors are closed at 7 p.m. when service begins.  All are invited. The gathering is
based on Spiritualist principles, which honors all traditions and paths. Please arrive before 7 p.m. We ask that you not disturb service
once we have begun, thank you.  Special topics for meditations or activities this month are: 12/7 “Willfull Selflessness” Meditation  w/
Rev Bill, 12/14 “Circle of Friends” Commemoration w/ COLISC & You, 12/21 “Longest Night”, Meditation w/ Rev William, 12/28 “Into the
Light”, Meditation w/ Melina.

Tuesday, January 3
Five Pillars of Astrology w/Bill
When starting to learn astrology, it can seem overwhelming due to all of the information out there, but things can be broken down to 5
key concepts: planets, signs, houses, aspects, and free will. In this introductory class, you will learn basic concepts of astrology, and
how to begin your astrological journey. There are no prerequisites for this class, handouts will be provided
7-9 pm, $25

Wednesday, January 4
Project YOU! W/Dana
Project YOU! provides an opportunity to explore specific topics in your life so that you can recognize the patterns and lessons
presented, take power over your life, make empowered choices, and manifest the future you envision. Each of these classes are
standalone classes, so you can focus on what interests you the most at any point in time. Join us for our 1st topc: Karma: Investigate
what karma is, how it operates, how you recognize when it is happening, and how you resolve karma in the most effective way and
move forward. 6:30-8:30 pm, $25

Friday, January 6
Drumming Group w/ Robert
Robert is facilitating a group that incorporates various types of group drumming.  Everyone can benefit from group drumming
regardless of technical ability, spiritual inclination or personal intent for drumming.  Modern day research is continually revealing the
therapeutic benefits of drumming. If you have been drawn to drumming,  come and play. Discover your rhythms from within and
experience the energies of group drumming.  Group meets the first Friday of the month from 7:30 – 8:30 p.m.  Love Donation.  Join Us!
Saturday, January 7
Magick 101 w/Bill
What is magick? What is magic? Reading the word conjures many different images to mind, and brings many questions to the surface.
When starting out on the magical path, one may feel lost or clouded in what to consider is important and what is not. This confusion
can lead to innumerable circumstances that can be avoided. In this class, we will discuss what magick and magic are, what they entail,
and why we should consider working with them. 11 am – 1 pm, $25.

Saturday, January 7
Magickal Formulas w/Bill
One of the most effective paths to take in magick is to use formulas to produce effects. After all, all it takes is methodology to produce
reproducible results. Formulas go back into antiquity, and have been called by many different names, such as spells, rites, etc., but
these formulas are different. In this class, several commonly and not so commonly formulas will be looked at, dissected, and
understood to be put into practical use through the day-to-day life. This class has Deborah’s ‘Introduction to Magick’, and ‘Magickal
Motto, Magickal Name’ as pre-requisites. 1:30 – 3:30 pm,, $25.

Sunday, January 8
Reiki 1 Certification w/ Karen Hoffmann
Reiki is an ancient “hands-on” healing system of channeling and transferring Spiritually Guided Universal Energy to promote well being
at all levels (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually).  The ability to conduct Reiki for healing is transferred by a
Master/Teacher through the process known as “Attunement”.  This class includes theory, history, technique, application, Attunement
and lots of hands-on practice. Please dress comfortably.  One-day certification.  Maximum class size is 8 people.  Please register in
advance.  Taught by Reiki Master Teacher Karen Hoffmann. $125 or  Observational Review $50. Class lasts from 11 – 5 p.m.  

Sunday, January 8
Usui/Holy Fire II Master Class Series w/Karen Williamson
For students that are ready to put their Reiki into a serious practice, this series of 10 classes surpasses the simple “how to do Reiki”
and takes it to another level of *incorporating* Reiki into things like daily practices and special distance techniques- it also includes
additional Reiki symbols and more. Pre-requisite of Reiki level 2 required, must attend 6 of the 10 classes in order to gain certification.
$75 per class, Noon until 5 pm.

Tuesday, January 10
Quadrants of the Wheel w/Bill
The zodiacal wheel is comprised of four distinct areas known as quadrants. So, what are they? How do they work together to tell the
story of a life spanning lifetimes? Can you determine someone's spiritual makeup from a quick glance at an astrological chart, even if
you know nothing of astrology? These and many other questions are going to be covered in this astrology class. By looking at what
these four areas represent, we will get a better understanding of where the soul stands in its karmic evolution, as well as a very useful
quick tip to understand loved ones and friends. 7-9 pm, $25

Wednesday, January 12
Discussion Group w/ Charlie
A return of a favorite. These discussion groups have an evening focus and all are encouraged to bring information to share to the
gathering. Group will meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. Love Donation is suggested. Topic this evening is “Vikings”;7 - 8:30 p.
m. New Format! Discover how timely topics affect people of alternative religions!

Friday January 13
Reiki Share w/ Karen
Karen Williamson will be facilitating a Reiki share from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. This share is open to anyone that has been attuned to any
level of Reiki. So many times as healers, we spend our energy on other people taking care of their needs. It will be a great opportunity
for us to exchange Reiki energy with each other. We will start off checking in with each other, a small meditation or reading and end
with grounding. This is going to be a very relaxed and gentle time to care for ourselves. 6:30-8:30 pm. $5 love donation.

Saturday & Sunday January 14 & 15
Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Certification w/Karen Williamson
This new “download” of reiki continues with the basics of Dr Usui and expands on energetic abilities of the practioner. Learn how to
integrate and utilize this energy for your continually evolving spiritual path. Watch our calendar for details and pre- register to be on
the waiting list. A $75 deposit is required.

Monday January 16
Temple of Witchcraft 1st degree

Tuesday, January 17
Elements and Astrology w/Bill
There are four elements that can be considered building blocks of this third dimensional reality: Earth, Water, Air & Fire. How does
astrology treat these? What can astrology tell us about the elements, and how can we apply that knowledge to our understanding of
this reality? This class is meant to address the many different facets of each element, and how an understanding of this can produce a
better understanding of the world around us, and how to synthesize this into our spiritual path and growth. 7-9 pm, $25

Thursday January 19
Temple of Witchcraft 2nd degree

Saturday, January 21
The Temple of Witchcraft presents: Celebrating the Sabbats: Imbolc
Have you been curious about the Temple of Witchcraft, but can’t devote an entire year to study? Consider participating in their open
Sabbats (the 8 Major Holy Days of the Year). Get information on what the holidays are about, the ways you can incorporate them into
your own traditions, celebrate the holiday and connect with like-minded people. 7 – 9 pm, $25. Please pre-register.

Monday January 23
Temple of Witchcraft 4th degree

Thursday January 26
Temple of Witchcraft 3rd degree

Friday, January 27
Monthly Astrological Preview w/ Bill
You’ve been asking for it, and now it’s available! In this 1 hour class, you can get the major upcoming astrological aspects for the next
month. Find out when the moon is void of course, eclipses, retrogrades and much more. Be prepared for what’s ahead so you can
plan accordingly! 7-8 pm $10

Friday January 27 & Saturday January 28
Basic Development in 4 parts w/Dana
For those of you who’ve been patiently waiting, the basic development series is back! Learn how to develop a balanced foundation for
your spiritual growth. Series includes: planes & physical, mind & meditation, color, the I in You, guardian angels, guides, love, career
path, prosperity, auras & chakras. Includes handouts and meditations. 6-8 pm. Friday, January 27 6:30-8:30 pm & Saturday, January
28 2:30-8:30 pm. January series is $100 and must be prepaid by Wednesday January 25. Remaining 2 parts follow on February 24 &
25 (also $100, prepaid by Wednesday, February 22).

Saturday, January 28
Creating & Working Familiars w/Bill
The cat of the witch. The imp of the sorcerer. The golem of the Qabalist. All of these entities are known as familiars to those that work
with the energies of magick, and they are just as much myth as reality. No matter what path you walk, the concept of the familiar is one
that is most likely known about, and in many different ways. 11am -1 pm, $25

Saturday, January 29
In Store, Psychic Fair!
Look ahead to the new year!
Readings from 11 am – 5 pm, $15 for 10 minutes. Cash only.
First come, first served.