Here are our current monthly calendars of In-Store Events and Classes.  The downloadable calendars are
the same ones that we hand out in the store.  They're great for keeping track of all the activities that
happen at Pathways throughout the month.  The paragraphs below give more detailed information on the
current offerings.  
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Download April 2018 Calendar of In-Store Events & Classes
April Calendar

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March Calendar

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Bill, our Astrologer, will be doing private 30 minute Astro-Dice Readings or Tarot ($35) on selected Thursday evenings,
Sunday March 4 & by appointment.

Dana is available for private 30 minute $35 tarot readings on Monday evenings, 5:30 – 8:00 p.m.

William will be here doing private 30 minute, $40 1/2 hr & $75 hour readings by appointment. William does tarot and
clairvoyance Please call to make advance appointment & for availability.

Karen W. is available for private energy sessions.  She is certified in Reiki, Dragon Reiki and Gemstone & Crystal Work.  Her
appointments are $65/ hour. Please contact Pathways to schedule a time with her.

Melissa Cynova is available for tarot sessions by advanced, prepaid appointments on Saturday, March 10. $50 per half-
hour, $100 per hour.
Readers/Service Providers for March
Classes & Events for March 2018

Saturday, March 3
NEW!! Planning Your Herbal Garden w/Kathy
Gosh can you believe it will soon be time to start planting our gardens?  So now is the time to begin planning what herbs you want to
grow to benefit you and your family; of course you will want to add several of the herbs that you will be able to harvest later in the year
to make your own herbal infusions.  Let’s start this garden by looking at the
'Medicinal' herbs we can plant.  Bring an empty egg carton with you to class and we will begin planting some seeds for this year!  
(physical and magickal), 11-1:30 cost is $35.

Saturday, March 3
The Will to Change, the Power to Heal, w/Rev William
What are the deeper reasons that I make the same mistakes over and over? What are the explanations of the patterns in my life?
Please join us as Rev. William presents some methods that are unique and universal for understanding ourselves and what we need to
do to be the whole, complete and healed person we know we really are. These techniques for Permanent Healing help us to identify,
understand, and heal the source of the wounds that keep us from being our true selves. Join us if you want to identify and change the
patterns of self-sabotage in your life. This is an interactive class. So, bring a pen and an open mind! 11-1:30 cost is $25.

Tuesday, March 6
NEW!! Astrological Houses w/Bill
One of the key pillars of astrology is the concept of the house. In short, the houses break down the totality of life into 12 areas that are
heavy in correspondences. In this class, we will look at the houses, and the quadrants beginning with the ascendant sign. There are no
prerequisites, and it would be wise to bring your astrological birth chart. If you need one ahead of time, please contact me at pm, $25

Wednesday, March 7
What is Thelema? w/Bill
Over the course of the 20th century, there has been a growing belief, and that is of the system known as Thelema, bursting forth from
Aleister Crowley. In this class, we will look at not only what Thelema is, but also what it means, and we will take a look at Aleister Crowley
and various Thelemic organizations today. Includes handouts. 7-9 pm, $25

Thursday, March 8
Introduction to Draconian Magick w/Asenath Mason & Bill Duvendack
What is Draconian magick, anyway? In recent years this term and personal development system has begun getting much exposure and
popularity, but what is it, really? How is it different from other magical systems? Is it effective? Is it life changing? In this two hour
presentation, we will look at the system and how it works. We will also discuss ways in which it will change your life. This presentation is
heavily based on the book “Draconian Ritual Book” by Asenath Mason, but other books will be discussed as well. Handouts will be
provided. 7 – 9 pm, $25

Saturday & Sunday, March  10 & 11
Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki 1 Certification w/Karen Williamson
This new “download” of reiki continues with the basics of Dr. Usui and expands on energetic abilities of the practioner. Learn how to
integrate and utilize this energy for your continually evolving spiritual path. Watch our calendar for details and pre- register to be on the
waiting list. 11 am – 5 pm both days, A $75 transferrable, but not refundable deposit is required. Total price is $175

Wednesday, March 13
One week earlier!!
Discussion Group w/ Charlie
Looking to meet open minded pagans? Come to discussion group with Charlie! These discussion groups have an evening focus and all
are encouraged to bring information to share to the gathering. Group will meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. Love Donation is
suggested. Topic this evening is “Celtic Beliefs”; 7 - 8:30 p.m. Discover how timely topics affect people of alternative religions!

Friday & Saturday, March 16 & 17
Metaphysics 1- Basic Development w/Dana
Begin your journey into the basic aspects of metaphysics and learn the foundations that that will facilitate raising your vibration and
enhancing your spiritual growth. You learn how we are all connected and the importance of aligning to the universal laws. The 8 class
sessions explore: The Planes and The Physical Body; The Mind and Meditation; Color Energy; Guardian Angel Awareness; Guides and
Teachers; Love and Relationships; Purpose and Prosperity; and Auras and Chakras. Includes handouts and meditations. Friday, March
16 6:30-8:30 pm & Saturday, March 25, 11 am – 5 pm. March series is $100 and must be prepaid by Monday March 12. The series
concludes in April on Friday, April 20 6:30-8:30 pm & Saturday, April 21, 11 am – 5 pm. April series is $100 and must be prepaid by
Monday April 16.

Sunday March 18
Reiki Master Class with Karen W.
For students that are ready to put their Reiki into a serious practice, this series of 10 classes surpasses the simple “how to do Reiki”
and takes it to another level of *incorporating* Reiki into things like daily practices and special distance techniques- it also includes
additional Reiki symbols and more. Pre-requisite of Reiki level 2 required, must attend 6 of the 10 classes in order to gain certification.
$75 per class, Noon until 5 pm.

Tuesday, March 20
Aspect Patterns  w/Bill
Can you see the forest for the trees? Do you want to learn how in a brief and engaging class? If so, then come on in! This class is
designed to show different aspect patterns in the astrological chart. Covering everything from the splatter to the bowl to the Yod, aspect
patterns can be very useful when spotted in a chart. By being able to spot them quickly and clearly, you can see how they impact your
life, or the lives of your loved ones. What aspects say when they talk to one another is as important as what planets say when they talk
to one another, and by identifying them, we tap into a clearer current of wisdom. 7-9 pm, $25

Wednesday, March 21 & 28
Thelema, a 2 part class w/Bill
The spiritual system of Thelema is one of the newest, most popular, and effective systems of magick that is out there today. Extended
and codified by Aleister Crowley, this spiritual development system is one of the most interesting forms of the Western Esoteric Tradition
out there. In this
two-part class, we will look at the pantheon and cosmology that is associated with it, as well as key rituals and beliefs having to do with
rituals. Class one will be the cosmology and the pantheon, and class two will focus primarily on the key and unique rituals that are found
in Thelema. Each class is two hours long, and numerous handouts will be provided. 7-9 pm, $25

Saturday, March 24
Banishing Pentagrams & Hexagrams, Effective Clearing w/ Rachael
Originally by Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.
Sometimes other clearing methods are impractical and do not provide quite the desired effect.  There are times when the energies of
the Pentagrams and Hexagrams to clear the vibrations of the lower astral levels are exactly what’s needed. An explanation of “how’s”,
“when’s” and “why’s” provide clear information necessary for anyone to begin using these powerful techniques to clear out unwanted,
displaced or negative energies. Handouts will be provided and participants will be guided through the actual Banishings.  Please register
in advance, numerous handouts. 3 pm – 6pm, $35

Sunday, March 25
In Store, Psychic Fair!
Readings from 11 am – 5 pm, $15 for 10 minutes. Cash only.
First come, first served.

Saturday, March 31
Empowerment Through Mindfulness w/Rev William
Do you get easily affected by the thoughts, feelings, sounds and such of those around you? Do you find the “normal” world
overwhelming? Do you find meditation difficult because your mind is too busy thinking about things? Do you have a gift you wish you
could develop? -Dreams that predict the future? – Hearing the dead speak?- Spirit guide nudges that you wish you could really
understand? Would you like to improve your memory? Do you desire a clearer understanding of your purpose in life? Mindful means
using your whole mind. When you engage the world with your entire mind instead of a fleeting, uncontrolled thought, it is much easier to
navigate. Rev. William presents valuable information and timeless tools to stretch your mind in amazing ways. 11am – 1 pm, $35