Our books cover a wide range from personal growth/recovery and development of psychic skills to health,
earth religions, eastern thought and on into UFO's, astrology, angels, channeled material, magick, wicca
and more.  Our music is also eclectic, from new age to world alternative to Native American and Celtic.  We
have in-store play demos of over 400 CD's, on two 200 disc CD players, and give personal attention and
time to help connect people with music they'll enjoy.  We also have a wide selection of meditation and
self-hypnosis CD’s as well as related books on CD.

We do special ordering of books and audio items. Special orders, placed and picked up in store, also apply
to our Free Discount Buyers Club.  This program keeps track of our customers' in-store purchases of books,
music, jewelry, stones, candles, incenses, oils and divination decks (our largest selling categories) and for
every $250 spent over any length of time, a $20 coupon is given to the customer for their selection of store
items or services.  For our on-line customers we have elected to conduct on-line specials and various other
surprises as our way of saying “thank you”.

We have a stunning array of gemstones and crystals, all hand selected by Deborah for the unique beauty
and energy of each specimen.  We have everything from inexpensive tumbled stones to gorgeous polished
spheres, points and sacred shapes.  Many of our pieces are truly museum quality.  

We have a unique and beautiful array of jewelry.  Some are one-of-a-kind pieces.  We also have hand-
selected stones and polished points that are lovingly wrapped in silver or gold by local artists. We support
cottage businesses in the United States and much of our beautiful jewelry comes from independent artists
from all across our country.  

We have incense from around the world - India, Japan, Tibet, Europe, Middle East, Africa, United States and
Native American - the finest sticks, cones and resins are gathered together and available at Pathways.  We
also have the highest quality botanicals we could locate.  Herbs, roots, barks, flowers, seeds, either grown in
the wild or organically grown have been gathered from the world over. None have been chemically sprayed
or irradiated.  If you have a favorite botanical, we invite you to compare the quality of what we offer.  We
think you will be pleasantly surprised.

One brief word regarding minors.  We do not sell botanicals to them.  We feel that any item that could be
taken internally requires education, maturity and wisdom before use.  We also do not sell books on subjects
such as tantra, altered consciousness, western magick or witchcraft to them (although we honor them as
viable paths) without the presence or expressed approval of their parents.  We are not here to bring strife to
families, but hopefully to assist in their growth and understanding.

At our own expense, we have purchased, and have open for view, over 100 tarot and divination decks.  We
want customers to be pleased with their purchases and an important criterion for that is an informed choice
of purchase.  Frequently we have shown 15 to 20 decks to people based on their artistic affinity and content
so that they can purchase something with which they are comfortable and that meets their needs.

We have candles suited for every purpose, from plain solid color candles, votives and candles in glass to
candles with herbs or oils designed for special uses.  We also have a variety of essential oils, flower
essences and extracts that we personally use and enjoy.  In line with our policy of having the highest quality
items we can locate, our windchimes, notecards, posters, window transparencies and calendars are truly the
best we could find.  We support local Missouri artists and have several items in our store on consignment to
give them the opportunity to become better known and to display their talents.  We also have difficult to find
magazines and DVDs.

Other wonderful items are also available as we locate and purchase unique, high-quality new products.  We
truly mean it when we say "New Arrivals Weekly".

In the area of services we offer both private, personal sessions as well as a
calendar of in-store events.  On
the personal side, by appointment, we have private tarot consultations, astrology sessions, gemstone-
crystal balancings and energy-field work.  On various days we have different gifted readers available for our
customers.  Please check our monthly calendar for current availability.

Gemstone-crystal balancings are 1-2 hour interactive sessions in which various semi-precious gemstones
are placed on a person's body over their chakras (inter-dimensional energy vortexes that connect a
person's physical self, via corresponding endocrine glands, with their finer selves - etheric, astral bodies
etc.) in order to bring a balance, alignment and harmony between the physical, emotional, mental and
spiritual aspects of their lives.  This approach is sought after by those who wish to align their chakras, attune
their finer bodies, direct healing energies, enhance contact with Spirit Guides and Teachers, or access and
review past lives.

Energy field work is of the same nature as that practiced by many holistically oriented nurses and other
health care practitioners.  It is aimed at clearing, vitalizing and balancing the client's energy field.  This field
consists of the aura (the energy field around our bodies), the chakras (as described above), and the
meridians of the body (the energy flow within the body that serves as the basis for acupuncture/acupressure
effectiveness).  Practitioners available at Pathways use various modalities, such as Tuned Himalayan
Chakra Bowls, Healing Touch, Pranic Healing and Reiki.

Our calendar of in-store events keeps our customers aware of the wide variety of activities that are offered
by Pathways.  The Sunday Circle of Light Independent Spiritualist Church Healing Meditation and Prayer
Service is free but we do ask for a donation of canned goods that we give to local food pantries. Monetary
donations go towards local church and community needs and a building fund.  The main section of the
service varies from week to week.  Frequent topics are chants, astrological meditations, guided meditations
and energy work with friends.  This is directed beginning energy-field work where people both send and
receive energy from each other and then share their experiences.  There is a yearly focus for a system or a
concept as Spiritualism recognizes and honors all faiths. Also included in these Sunday services are short
inspirational talks, spiritual healing work and mediumistic spirit messages. On approximately a monthly basis
there is a service with an activity rather than a meditation.  This is in response to families who want to share
a service with their children.  

On the last Sunday of the month we have an In-Store Psychic Fair with free admission and free lectures.  
We have guest psychics in doing $15 mini-readings.  These are great fun and provide the opportunity for
people to connect with some of the better psychics in the area.  Our readers are at the fair by invitation (not
because they have paid for a space) and are invited because of the accuracy, sincerity and compassion
they display when doing their work.

Occasional evening discussion groups, study groups and a drumming circle are also free, with the option of
a love donation.  These groups are designed to give a time and space for people on their spiritual journey
to share thoughts, ideas and questions with others of a like mind.  It and the Sunday meditations are
services that we provide as part of our own giving program to help others find their inner spiritual course.  
These are of a wide range and format for we believe all paths lead to the Godhead and a better openness
and understanding of others frequently leads to a more clear understanding of ourselves.  Please check our
calendar of events for the current month for latest information.  Current and upcoming offerings include ,  
“Wednesday Evening Discussion Group”, a Magickal Discussion Group,  A NEW Reiki Share Evening and a
Drumming Circle.

Classes and workshops are available for a very nominal charge on a wide range of topics and special guest
readers are invited in on selected Saturdays and Sundays, all detailed in our monthly calendar section.  
And, of course, there are the inevitable surprises, special events and sales that are on the calendar and
website as well.

And now, a little information about Deborah, the founder of Pathways: She was a Registered Nurse
who found many lives can be touched and healed through the alternative work able to take place through
Pathways.  She has also had a lifelong involvement in Spiritualism and metaphysical matters.  When she
opened her first metaphysical shop in the 1960's the climate was not as it is now.  She found it so inspiring
to see more and more people attune to their spiritual purpose.  She has taught classes and done tarot
consultations for over 42 years.  She has been doing gemstone-crystal balancings and spiritual healing
work for over 25 years, and found these modalities were augmented by her years of nursing training and
employment.  She was an ordained Spiritualist Minister, Reiki Master, and practitioner of Pranic Healing and
Healing Touch.  She continued to study and grow until her transition in 2013, desiring to be of service to
others on their paths.  

Deborah started Pathways on $300 and lots of love and visualizations.  The first day of sales was the
Harmonic Convergence, August 17, 1987.  For the first 6 years of its life Pathways was a room in Deborah’s
home.  She attended fairs and festivals on the weekends while working as an acting Director of Nursing,
slowly building the business, and reinvesting everything she sold back into Pathways.  Then she made the
big jump to a 1200 foot storefront.  It was a little barren at first but with tireless effort the shop filled out.  
People came, liked the energy and told other people and the word spread.

Three years after that, an adjoining storefront was empty and Pathways was filled with delightful products.  
So the wall between the two storefronts came down.  Offices were built in the rear of the new section and
rehabbed the front.  Pathways became a 2400-foot space.

In the autumn of 2003 Pathways moved into its current home, a beautiful brick building with a pyramid roof,
built as a credit union in 1991.  A stand-alone building with plenty of parking and landscaped garden areas
all around it, it was a dream come true.  Once more, work had to be undertaken to prepare the space.
Interior walls were removed to open out the area.  New construction was done to meet codes and to prepare
the space for its new incarnation.  New carpeting, shelving and displays were installed.  Loving friends gave
of their time and energy to finish the space, pack, move and unpack Pathways in its new home.  All of this
occurred on the Harmonic Concordance.  Deborah believes that Divine Guidance led her to this most
perfect home for Pathways, the most beautiful space she had found after more than a year of continual
searching.  Now Pathways has a dedicated classroom, reading room and healing room as well as more retail
area and an outdoor community space.  The new home has 2900 square feet on the main floor with 1800 on
the lower level for offices and storage.  Deborah continues to send blessings to the loving friends who
helped with this magnificent flowering of Pathways into the Center that it has become.

The important theme from this look into Pathways past is always follow your dreams.  If Deborah would’ve let
convention dictate what she could or couldn't do, the journey wouldn't have made it this far.  If she’d listened
to the negative or pessimistic talk of some, she’d have given up long ago.  But she didn’t.   In her words,
“Pathways is truly my hearts work” and the vision shines throughout every aspect of the Center

Deborah transitioned in October 2013 but planned for Pathways to continue to grow and help others, under
the guidance of Melina Valdejo and Ken Needham.

From our current owners, Melina Valdejo & Ken Needham:

“We consider ourselves fortunate to be part of the very important “Great Work” of personal, spiritual
development during these times. Our plan is to continue Pathways’ purpose, nourish its growth and bring
about more resources to assist with that growth. As we all help each other, we all grow and thrive.”

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