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I am Rev Bill Duvendack, a 25-year practitioner and student of the western mysteries, as well as being an internationally known
astrologer; specifically, an esoteric astrologer.
I am an ordained independent Spiritualist minister that has performed everything from weddings and handfastings to baby naming
and blessing ceremonies, as well as remembrance services. I am a lifetime member and Vice President of the Astrological
Association of St Louis, where I lecture frequently, and write a column for their member only quarterly bulletin. I also write articles
for the St Louis Pagan Picnic newsletter, the paper Pathfinder, and have a monthly blog and newsletter. I’m also a member of the
international professional astrological organization NCGR. I also write monthly horoscopes for the metaphysical resource center
Pathways, where I also teach classes on astrology and the western esoteric tradition, meet with clients, and give divination
readings. I have presented in many different venues, ranging from public libraries and high schools, to private groups and
gatherings, such as the Pagan Picnic in St Louis, and the convention Paracon. I have also made media appearances on local
television and radio stations, interviews with local papers, and have been interviewed by the NY Times and RTE 1 radio from
Dublin, Ireland.
I have been working with the Western Esoteric Tradition system for 25 years. In this regard, I am an internationally published
author, with essays appearing in books ranging from Lodge Magan to Christopher Penczak’s publish house, Copper Cauldron. My
skills and experiences include, but are not limited to, ceremonial magick and many of its more specialized branches, such as
Enochian, shamanism, paganism of all types, familiarity with the Afro-Carribbean diasporic traditions, channeling, mediumship,  
divination, evocations, invocations, Theosophy, working with semi-precious stones, ghost hunting and paranormal investigations,
past life regressions, and exorcisms. I am also a member of the Fellowship of Isis, as well as BOTA. My experience also includes
being familiar with, and working with, Hinduism, in particular mantras and pujas, and Buddhism.
For more information, feel free to contact me at bill@418ascendant.com.
Horoscopes for the month of February 2017

Aries (Spring Equinox-approx. April 21st):
While your communication in the work place may need to be
revisited, you may find that otherwise the month starts off nice and gentle. The changes in communication
may simply have to do with improvements rather than drastic alterations, so you may find it easy to do. As
the month rolls along, you may find those communication challenges loosen up, and that things are more to
your liking. However, you may also find it wise to play it safe around your friends, and it would be wise to
spend money cautiously around them, too. You may also find the whole month requires some emotional
adjustments, but listen to your intuition as to how and where to make them.

Taurus (Approx. April 21st to approx. May 21st):
You may find the beginning of February is a mixed
blessing. While you may find that all situations having to do with emotions and spirituality are rolling along
nice and smoothly, you may find minor adjustments are necessary when it comes to your day to day work
routine. There is a lot of potential in the air for long term changes having to do with the physical world, and
especially the career. As the month rolls along, you may find communications become challenged and that
emotions become tense, so it would be wise to remain level headed and calm. You may also find it wise to
exercise extra patience and deferred gratification.

Gemini (Approx. May 21st to Summer Solstice): February brings with it a mixed bag of situations to deal
with, so you may find it a month where you’re up and down, back and forth, on a lot of things. You may find
your emotions are extra strong, and that you are especially passionate about some things. However, this
also means it would be wise to watch your temper to keep it in check. You may also find the continuing
growth process is staying tense, but that there are good things available to you through your personal
relationships. However, you may also find your emotions are agitated, and that you may feel spiritually off.
This continues for the whole month, so it would be wise to take things day by day.

Cancer (Summer Solstice to approx. July 21st)
: Emotionally you may start February off on a positive
note, which is a good thing, because there are plenty of challenges in the air, so the more positive energy,
the better. There may be tensions in the work place through communication, so it would be wise to address
what is needed. It would also be wise to play things conservatively when you’re in one on one relationships.
The tension in the air at the beginning of the month continues through the whole month, so it would be wise
to stay emotionally detached to maintain self-control. As the month rolls on, you may notice the tension
staying the same or increasing, so it would be wise to take the initiative and change what is necessary and
conducive to growth.

Leo (Approx. July 21st to approx. August 21st): February could be a very powerful but interesting month
for you, as you may find you have more than enough energy to get things done, and that there are
opportunities for expansion and growth around every corner through your personal relationships. However,
when it comes to the work place, you may find there are many adjustments required in order to open up
doors to prosperity. This may also be true emotionally. As the month moves on though, you may find things
lighten up quite a bit, but that communication tensions become more common than they were at the
beginning of the month. This is an excellent month to find your audience.

Virgo (Approx. August 21st to Autumnal Equinox)
: While emotional tensions may be how the month
starts, you may find that after the first couple of weeks, things quiet down on that front, but that your
emotions are calling for some changes, which it would be wise to instigate. While this does continue for the
rest of the month, you may find the intensity of these situations lighten up, and that allows you to put more
energy into professional projects that can give you something long term to use. You may also find a lot of
situations at the moment are easy come, easy go, so it would be wise to exercise patience and to let things
unveil before choosing a course of action.

Libra (Autumnal Equinox to approx. October 21st): Emotional tension may be in the air at the start of
the month, and communications may be challenged in the work place, but you may also find a lot of good
things open up to you for long term growth and stability, so it would be wise to split your focus between the
“now” and the “later.” As the month moves on, you may find it’s more of the same, but that the work
communication challenges resolve themselves, taking the stress with them. You may also find it wise to focus
on the spiritual and the uplifting, rather than the mundane. Part way through the month you may find you
generosity changes, but changes in a way that simply requires more attention, rather than bringing
challenges with it.

Scorpio (Approx. October 21st to approx. November 21st): While your emotions and professional life
may be rolling along nice and smoothly right now, you may find that there is a huge emphasis on how you
use your energy, and how you control your temper. During the month it would also be wise to have an outlet
for your extra energy in order to avoid accidents. Adjustments may be required in several areas of life, but
the underlying theme is how you let things affect you. As the month rolls along, you may find more emphasis
on this, and thus it would be wise to transform, as only a Scorpio can do. Part of this transformation may
have to do with communication as well as your overall life direction and maturity.

Sagittarius (Approx. November 21st to Winter Solstice): While the long term maturing process that has
been going on for a while now turns up its emotional intensity over the next month, you may also find you
have more than enough energy to take care of business. Expansion and prosperity may come to you
through your personal relationships, so it would be wise to seize the opportunities that present themselves to
you when you can. As the month rolls on, you may find the emotional tensions subside, and that there is
more emphasis on minor adjustments in the professional arena. As we get closer to March, you may feel the
tension rising, and while that’s par for the course for this time of year, you may note it is more intense than in
previous years, but also that you’ve got this.

Capricorn (Winter Solstice to approx. January 21st):
You’re in an interesting position at the beginning
of the month, so it would be wise to stay sharp. While you may find it wise to play things financially
conservative, especially when it comes to opportunities through friends, you may also find your emotions are
a little on the raw and agitated side, so it would be wise to remain detached and in control. Communication
and transformation in the work place and the career may be two major themes of the month, especially how
that ties into the personal life. As the month rolls on, you may find more of the same occurs, but that it is time
to make changes in your day to day life in line with who you are now, rather than who you were.

Aquarius (Approx. January 21st to approx. February 21st): Happy birthday Aquarians! This is your
month to let it all hang out! Things may be rolling along nice and smoothly right now, and you may be in a
position to make a lot of good connections for long term growth through the people you interact with. You
may also find your passions are stirred to life in dynamic ways. And, as the month rolls along, you may
discover that this continues in general, and other than an emotional speed bump the last few days of the
month, February ends on a high note.

Pisces (Approx. February 21st to Spring Equinox): While the career may be rolling along nicely, which
includes your transformation in it, you may find that emotions are stronger than normal, so it would be wise to
thicken your skin to deal with the strong energies. However, you may also find good things come your way
through love and intimate connections. This continues through the majority of the month, with the only real
change being that the good things that were coming to you through emotions and intimate relationships have
dissipated. If you’re proactive though, you may find opportunities are presented to you, but be discerning, for
all that glitters is not gold.

These little tidbits of advice, along with this horoscope, are brought to you by Bill Duvendack of 418
Ascendant LLC. Bill is a board member, as well as a lifetime member of the Astrological Association of Saint
Louis, where he lectures frequently. He also is an astrology teacher at Pathways. Available for astrological
t interpretations of many different varieties, Bill can assist you with whatever area of astrology may
appeal to you. If you so choose, you can feel free to reach him at bill@418ascendant.com.