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About Bill:

I am Rev Bill Duvendack, a 25-year practitioner and student of the western mysteries, as well as being an internationally known
astrologer; specifically, an esoteric astrologer.
I am an ordained independent Spiritualist minister that has performed everything from weddings and handfastings to baby naming
and blessing ceremonies, as well as remembrance services. I am a lifetime member and Vice President of the Astrological
Association of St Louis, where I lecture frequently, and write a column for their member only quarterly bulletin. I also write articles
for the St Louis Pagan Picnic newsletter, the paper Pathfinder, and have a monthly blog and newsletter. I’m also a member of the
international professional astrological organization NCGR. I also write monthly horoscopes for the metaphysical resource center
Pathways, where I also teach classes on astrology and the western esoteric tradition, meet with clients, and give divination
readings. I have presented in many different venues, ranging from public libraries and high schools, to private groups and
gatherings, such as the Pagan Picnic in St Louis, and the convention Paracon. I have also made media appearances on local
television and radio stations, interviews with local papers, and have been interviewed by the NY Times and RTE 1 radio from
Dublin, Ireland.
I have been working with the Western Esoteric Tradition system for 25 years. In this regard, I am an internationally published
author, with essays appearing in books ranging from Lodge Magan to Christopher Penczak’s publish house, Copper Cauldron. My
skills and experiences include, but are not limited to, ceremonial magick and many of its more specialized branches, such as
Enochian, shamanism, paganism of all types, familiarity with the Afro-Carribbean diasporic traditions, channeling, mediumship,  
divination, evocations, invocations, Theosophy, working with semi-precious stones, ghost hunting and paranormal investigations,
past life regressions, and exorcisms. I am also a member of the Fellowship of Isis, as well as BOTA. My experience also includes
being familiar with, and working with, Hinduism, in particular mantras and pujas, and Buddhism.
For more information, feel free to contact me at bill@418ascendant.com.
Horoscopes for the month of June 2018

Aries (Spring Equinox-approx. April 21st): Communication and variety may be two major themes that
begin June, so it would be wise to make sure your people skills are up to the challenge. You may also
find that the workplace and occupation still have the same old same old challenges that have been
going on for a while, but at the start of June you may find they tug at your emotions more than normal,
so it would be wise to stay emotionally detached when it comes to those things. As the month
progresses, you may find communication with your loved ones and in your home life may be challenged,
but with the right optimism, creativity, and support of your loved ones, you may find things work out for
the best. You may also find that your emotions continue to be tense, so it would be wise to routinely shift
your attention to where things are going well.

Taurus (Approx. April 21st to approx. May 21st): If you aren’t prepared for the wild ride that is
coming your way, consider this another head’s up. Uranus just entered into your sign, and will most likely
be causing unexpected situations over the next several months, so it would be wise to adapt and evolve
whenever possible. However, as June starts, you may find that things with loved ones are rolling nice
and smoothly, which may open the door to some good fortune coming your way as well. The career may
continue to be rolling along, transformative as it has been, but now you may mentally move into a better
space of control. As June continues there may be more emphasis on the home and loved ones, and this
emphasis will be positive in manifestation. However, it would be wise to pay attention to your spending,
especially discretionary income, as there may be challenges there.

Gemini (Approx. May 21st to Summer Solstice)
: Happy birthday Geminis! This is your month, so you
may want to start if off with some variety to spice things up! You spiritual evolution would be wise to
focus on at this time, addressing the emotional wounds that are brought up through your spiritual
evolution. You may also be experiencing a second wind, and that is coming from Mars moving into
Aquarius, so it would be wise to use this energy when you can, for Mars will be retrograding soon, and
that energy will most likely dissipate. As the month moves on though, you may discover your emotions
are nice and harmonious, and that some time with friends might just be what the doctor ordered. You
may also find that money comes your way through your creative outlets, and that if you have a
significant other, they may be a source of inspiration and support, and this is especially true if things are

Cancer (Summer Solstice to approx. July 21st): Love may be in the air at the moment, but this will
only last for a couple of weeks, so it would be wise to act on it when possible. The tension that is present
in the work place and regarding your career is still there, and will be for quite some time, but right now it
may be pulling your heart strings more than normal, so it would be wise to practice emotional
detachment and just let things go. As June progresses, you may find things change, with the current
challenges being personal relationships. You may also sense pressure and tension in the air, and while
this may be a lot at the moment, it will pass fairly quickly. One of the best things to focus on at this time
is your emotions, emotional healing, and spiritual evolution, rather than focusing on external events and

Leo (Approx. July 21st to approx. August 21st): Communication may be the name of the game at
the start of the month, so much like Aries, it would be wise to embrace this opportunity and make sure
your skills are on point. Money and all things related to expansion, especially through the workplace,
may continue to be challenged, but there are a lot of things that are happening behind the scenes, so it
could be that patience is your best ally. As June progresses, you may find a dichotomy come into being.
Part of it may be that it is time to focus on your personal relationships, and specifically your family and
loved ones. However, the flip side to this is that love, money, and creativity may all be coming together
quite nicely, so it would be wise to put your attention where it is most returned. This is also an excellent
time to focus on your spiritual growth by working with your creativity and engagement with loved ones.

Virgo (Approx. August 21st to Autumnal Equinox): Communication challenges abound at the
beginning of the month, so it would be wise to choose your words carefully and remember the power of
silence. However, the home life may be your refuge, so it would be wise to indulge in your sanctuary.
The other current sanctuary may be your profession and career, as you may find it is calling for more of
your attention and energy, but in positive, long term ways. When June progresses, you may find the
communication challenges subside, and that things roll along a lot nicer overall. The family and home
environment may continue to be a source of rest and respite, and the intensity of the workplace may be
subsiding a little bit. The latter part of the month is a fantastic time to focus on your work and your
health, so it would be wise to adjust your attention when applicable.

Libra (Autumnal Equinox to approx. October 21st): This may be a tricky month to get a handle on
when it first starts, Libras, so listen closely. The first thing to note is that your communication skills are
doing quite well, and that things are rolling along well regarding them. However, there may be
challenges when it comes to your home life and loved ones, especially when it comes to money, so it
would be wise to practice compassion, understanding, and adaptability. Another source of challenges
may be your career and occupation. While things may work out fine in the long run, this is the time to
make the changes necessary to secure that growth and development. As June moves on though, not
only do things clear up, you may also find that good things come your way through your creativity, and
the home life relaxes quite a bit, but the things going on with the career are continuing, so detachment is
one of the best things you can do, professionally speaking.

Scorpio (Approx. October 21st to approx. November 21st): Business and the professional life is
the name of the game as the month begins, as both may be rolling along quite nicely at the moment, so
it would be wise to put your energy there. Your intuition is also on point, and you may find emotional and
spiritual healing is progressing, too. However, Uranus moving into Taurus creates a tension, so you may
find there is a longing or a calling for rebellion or at least a further expression of your individuality, so it
would be good to do this when appropriate, but otherwise staying with the status quo is a good plan. As
June continues, you may find that money because challenged, especially through your creative efforts,
but other than that the month may continue like it started off.

Sagittarius (Approx. November 21st to Winter Solstice)
: Other than the communication tension
that may be present at the beginning of the month, you may find the rest of your life is rolling along nice
and smoothly. The overall theme of the first half of June may simply be making minor adjustments to
things that are already in motion, but especially regarding how you handle your emotions, spirituality,
and ability to multi-task. As June moves forward you may discover the tension having to do with
communication dissipates, and is replaced by love and money coming your way if you focus on doing
what is best for you. It is also worth noting that you may have a second wind of energy, so it would be
wise to put it to work for you so it doesn’t manifest as a short temper or making you accident prone.

Capricorn (Winter Solstice to approx. January 21st)
: Other than tension you may notice around the
home and loved ones, you may find June is a great time to move forward with professional projects and
things that will advance your career. This will be a major focus as long as Saturn and Pluto move
through your sign. While business may be rolling along consistently, you may not be seeing the results
you desire, but this is because there are things happening behind the scenes that will be revealed in
time. As June moves forward challenges may come to the surface that have to do with communication
with loved ones and how other people, especially friends, stir your emotions with your words, so it would
be wise to stay emotionally detached and to stay focused on your professional goals.

Aquarius (Approx. January 21st to approx. February 21st):
June begins a new cycle for you this
year, and you may be feeling it with Mars moving through your sign, which will be a major theme for the
next several months. This tells us you may have more energy than normal, but if you don’t have a
creative outlet for that energy it could manifest as being accident prone or too impulsive. Money through
shared resources may be tight, but this has been going on for a bit now, so it really doesn’t require a lot
more of your attention than normal. As June progresses, you may find money becomes tight, but the
good news is that this is temporary. You may find the latter part of the month is an excellent time to
connect with friends to indulge in your creativity.

Pisces (Approx. February 21st to Spring Equinox):
Communication challenges start the month off,
but other than that, you may find that things are rolling along nicely, and that there is a lot of forward
progress to be made, especially regarding the career. As June progresses, things change quite a bit,
and regarding relationships, for the better. You may also find your intuition and emotions are on point. It
may be time to make some minor adjustments though, so adaptation whenever appropriate would be
good to accomplish. Quite simply, this is a month where things may roll along nice and well, but also a
month that is extremely business focused and emphasizes the maturing process which has been slowly
occurring as of late.

These little tidbits of advice, along with this horoscope, are brought to you by Bill Duvendack of 418
Ascendant LLC. Bill is a board member, as well as a lifetime member of the Astrological Association of
Saint Louis, where he lectures frequently. He also is an astrology teacher at Pathways. Available for
astrological chart interpretations of many different varieties, Bill can assist you with whatever area of
astrology may appeal to you. If you so choose, you can feel free to reach him at bill@418ascendant.com.